Recipe Night

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15227

The Event

You will recieve a recipe via email.  Please prepare your dish as close to the directions as possible.

Do not worry about making enough for everyone – for the more popular dishes we will have multiple people prepare.


Nutrition for weight loss has more to do with controlling hormones like insulin and leptin than anything else. The Maximized Living Nutrition Plans will take all the guesswork out of what you should be eating so you can manage the hormones that help you to get in great shape and achieve outstanding health.

  • The type of diet that has been shown to decrease inflammation and lower blood pressure.
  • Fat DOES NOT make you fat- find out what does!
  • Become a fat burning machine!
  • See how easy it is to shop for healthy foods, and how little time it takes to prpare healthy meals.
  • Learn what snacks to take “on-the-go” so you won’t resort to unhealthy alternatives.
  • “Kid Food” – making Maximized Living work for children!
There isn’t one diet for all people! Learn Core and Advanced nutrition plans at Recipe Night- and give your family a lifetime of great health.
Thank you for being a part of our family at City of Bridges Chiropractic!

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